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CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 40 Issue 1

Included in this issue:
  • Presidentís report
  • Report from new CEO of Concrete Institute of Australia
  • News
  • 2014 events calendar
  • Technical note: Shear rails: pre-fabricated punching shear reinforcement
  • Peer reviewed: Performance of concrete beam elements reinforced with polyvinyl alcohol micro fibres
  • Cover story: Shear design and evaluation of concrete structures

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 39 Issue 4

    Included in this issue:
  • News
  • Cover: John Reid awarded honorary membership
  • Technical Feature: Rheology
  • Discussion Paper

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 39 Issue 3

    Included in this issue:
  • News
  • Conference Technical papers
  • Conference extended abstracts
  • Technical note

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 39 Issue 2

    Included in this issue:
  • News
  • – Top-down tunnel completed in PerthRecognised for continued professional developmentConcrete reefs created in Western Australia
    – Protecting a tower of investment
    – Company profile: Austral Precast
    – Certified specialist in corrosion prevention
    – EastLink Bridge: The signature structure of Peninsula Link
    – Are Australian Super Tees the world’s cleverest bridge design?
    – Design and performance advantages of elastomeric shear keys in small concrete bridges
    – Cathodic prevention/protection in durability design of reinforced concrete structures
    – Design and construction of Werribee Aqueduct

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 39 Issue 1

    Included in this issue:
  • News
  • – Precast "wigwam" at the heart of innovative silo structure
    – Honorary membership awarded
    – New solutions for steel fibres in concrete
    – New tools for product ratings
    – Tunnel works progress in Perth
    – Developing living concrete
    – Concrete solutions in hospital construction
  • – Specifications and design of anchors in Australia – needs and developments
    – Tensile tests on edge-lifting anchors inserted in precast concrete panels
    – A plate type edge-lift anchor: Influence of reinforcing configurations on failure loads
    – Anchorage of reinforcement in concrete structures subjected to cyclic loading
    – Understanding the carbon footprint of precast concrete: A case study from the concrete pipeline systems sector

    CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 38 Issue 4

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Upgrading major dam along the Murray
    – Major upgrade for Tasmanian dam
    – Safety accolades for concrete cleaning solution
    – Brighton Bypass opens to Tasmanian traffic
    – Earth set concrete sculpture wins major prize
    – Heritage recognition for Monier bridge
    – New university building uses geopolymer concrete
  • Introduction to composite structures feature
    – Experimental modelling of time-dependent deformations in steel-concrete compositebeams curved in-plan
    – Long-term deformation of composite concrete slabs
    – Service and ultimate behaviour of composite steel-concrete beams subjected to combined bending and shear
    – Experimental study of short- and long-term behaviour of composite steel-concrete slabs
    – Flexural rigidity of reinforced concrete members using a deformation based analysis

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 38 Issue 3

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Bridge joins in major rail project
    – Green Star Concrete credit updated
    – Marathon concrete pour at Port Botany
    – Test program verifies performance
    – Novel mobile solution for rail work
    – Dam continues rising in Canberra
    – Preparing for the next concrete conference
  • Shrinkage, Cracking and Restraint
    – Shrinkage and creep
    – Creep behaviour
    – New mechanisms for drying shrinkage compensation
    – Thermal/restraint and shrinkage crack control
    – Behaviour of CFRP wrapped square RC columns under electric loading
  • Speeding up the assesment of concrete roads

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 38 Issue 2

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Perth City Link major works on track
    – Superway rises above Adelaide
    – Upgrade completed on Split Rock Dam
    – Boardwalk for visitors to see dam construction
    – Call for nominations for live and honorary members
  • Codes & Standards
    – Portfolio update – Standards
    – Codes & Standards – Crack control
    – Steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) combined with conventional reinforcing
    – Standards Australia BD-10 Working Group update
  • Technical Paper
    – Effect of cold weather on the hardened properties of subbase pavement concrete
    – A comparison of concrete durability test methods against the Volume of Permeable Voids test method
    – Manufactured sands – Cleaning up the act
    – Recycled concrete aggregate in pavement construction

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 37 Issue 1

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Diaphragm walls and jet grouting used in Perth
    – Opportunity to participate, promote and share
    – Overhaul of standard for residential slabs
    – Boardwalk for visitors to see dam construction
    – Call for nominations for live and honorary members
  • Projects
    – Upgrade on Concrete Institute Technical Projects
  • Feature Topic : Fibre reinforced polymers strengthenging of concrete structures
    – FRP strengthening of concrete structures
    – Carbon fibre retrofitting of the West Gate Bridge
    – The application of FRP anchorage systems in the retrofitting of the West Gate Bridge project
    – Practical design of carbon fibre reinforced polymers strengthening for concrete bridges
    – Bearing strength of concrete with and without FRP confinement
  • Technical Paper
    – Cast-in anchor design methods: Is edgelifting accounted for?

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 36 Issue 4

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Concrete 2011 – Building a sustainable future
    – Sewer repairs honoured for excellence
    – Standards online – New online service
  • Projects
    – Geopolymer Current Practice Note
    – Update on Concrete Institute Technical Projects
  • Feature Topic : Sustainability
    – Campaign highlights concrete as the responsible choice
    – Building sustainably with innovation
    – Sustainable building pays-off
    – Use of thermal mass of concrete to reduce energy use in buildings
    – Implications of climate change to the durability of concrete structures
    – Rammed earth: An environmentally friendly alternative material
    – Comparison of durability measures of concrete as a function of cure times (Peer Reviewed)
  • Precast Lifting
    – Precast concrete lifting anchor systems: Anchor design considerations
    – Precast concrete lifting anchor systems: Lifting and transportation considerations
  • Technical Paper
    – Concrete Structure Ownership and Management: Part 2

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 3 Volume 36 Issue 3

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Inner city bridge opened in Brisbane
    – Construction additives production facility opens
    – A NSW Concrete Institute Branch initiative – 2010 University & Industry Evening series
    – Program expanded to state branches
  • Projects
    – Update on Concrete Institute Technical Projects
    – Australian National Member Group of fib – Course
  • Feature Topic : Design for durability – Principles for practitioners

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 2 Volume 36 Issue 2

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Replacement bridge as other ends service life
    – Solid performance in South Australian boat race
    – Awards open for innovative repair
    – Case study now online
  • Projects
    – Update on Concrete Institute Technical Projects
  • Serviceability, deflection prediction and detailing
    – National Seminar Series: Serviceability – Design for deflection and crack control
    – Design of reinforced concrete for deflection control
    – Predicting the deflection of concrete structures in practice
    – Combined reinforcement – practical experiences
  • Technical feature : Concrete cover
    – Experience in the application of permeable interlocking concrete paving in Australia
    – Dubai Tower, Doha, Qatar
    – The role of concrete in sustainable development: recent New Zealand developments in research and innovation

  • CIA Vol 36 Issue 1 Volume 36 Issue 1

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Concreting feat a starring part in tallest building
    – Safety alert for precast lifting
    – Roadmap examines emissions reductions
    – Key highway link upgraded
  • Perspective
    – Innovations and trends in multi-rise construction
    – Developing an online gateway
  • Projects
    – Update on Concrete Institute Technical Projects
  • Technical paper (Peer reviews)
    – Factors affecting the production and characteristic strengths of reactive powder concretes
  • Technical feature : Concrete cover
    – Reinforced concrete cover: design issues and solutions
    – Achieving concrete cover in construction
    – Reinforcing the cover of concrete columns with steel fibres
    – Reinforcement cover: What are we doing wrong and how to correct it
    – Factors affecting non-destructive measurement of reinforcement cover
    – Checking concrete cover during construction

  • CIA Vol 35 Issue 3 Volume 35 Issue 4

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Biennial conference addresses the big issues
    – Fred Andrews-Phaedonos: pursuing the specialist path
    – Excellence in concrete awards
    – Individual contributions celebrated at conference dinner
    – 2011 Bursary entries open
    – Conference provides diversity
    – Revised Precast Concrete Handbook
    – Shrinkage and cracking seminar
    – Technical needs review
    – Cracking recommended practice
  • Perspective
    – Some issues with long term concrete corrosion on the sea-front
  • Technical: Projects
    – Construction of the Second Gateway Bridge in Brisbane
  • Technical Feature: Cracking
    – An introduction to cracking
    – Detailed exposition on cracks and crack control
    – Repair product for cracks
    – Slabs on grade: not all cracks are bad
    – Assessing cracks using numerical simulation
    – Case study: cracking along a saw-cut dowelled joint
    – Cracking prediction: international codes and recent research
  • Technical: Bursary Thesis
    – The influence of ballast on the flexural response of concrete railway sleepers

  • CIA Vol 35 Issue 3 Volume 35 Issue 3

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Concrete in Australia review
    – Institute council announced
    – fib – National Membership Group
    – Environmental accreditation for Xypex waterproofing products
    – Concrete frame choice for Melbourne office building
    – Inadequate foundations bring down apartments
    – Waterfront venue uses recycled concrete
    – 3D ultrasonics scanning for identifying concrete defects
  • Projects
    – Update on technical projects
    – New Perth Bunbury Highway now complete
    – Northern section of Gateway Motorway opens
    – Port Botany expansion well under way
  • Technical
    – The new Australian concrete structures standard – delays, problems and lessons
    – Development length and lapped splice length for deformed bars in tension – changes to Section 13 of AS3600
    – Restrictions on the use of Class L reinforcement in AS3600-2009
    – Detailing of High Strength Concrete Columns to AS3600-2009

  • CIA Vol 35 Issue 2 Volume 35 Issue 2

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Concrete Institute leads on reforming durability design and construction
    – Construction recovery needs private capital to replace government "pump priming"
    – UNSW seminar discusses research findings
    – Engineer honoured by Indian Concrete Institute
    – Hybrid concete construction provides high-rise solution
  • Projects
    – Highway upgrade in North Queensland
    – Sydney’s newest rail project completed
    – New road opens on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast
  • Technical
    – Observations of long-term concrete corrosion on Scotland’s North Sea coast
    – Thermal advantages of insulated sandwich panels

  • CIA Vol 35 Issue 1 Volume 35 Issue 1

    Included in this issue:
  • News
    – Growth a top priority for new chief executive
    – Galvanised Reinforcement publication released
    – International honour for Jim Forbes
    – Diamond tools supplier's unusual heritage
    – Safety milestone celebrated on Brisbane hospital
  • Projects
    – Another milepost on the Pacific Highway upgrade
    – Stormwater recovery system for residential community
    – New culverts replace steel pipe with precast
  • Technical
    – Structural failures – the social context
    – Durability planning for infrastructure projects