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Australian Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

It is the policy of the Australian Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (AJEEE) to publish a variety of contributions to the science and practice of electrical engineering. Major fields of interest include electronics and communications, electric energy, instrumentation and control, and automation.

The AJEEE aims to publish reviewed technical papers in these major fields of interest, as well as in allied fields. Papers should be related to the relevant fields and will usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Research Paper - a paper making an original contribution to engineering knowledge.
  • Special Interest Paper – a report on significant aspects of a major or notable project.
  • Review Paper for specialists – an overview of a relevant area intended for specialists in the field covered.
  • Review Paper for non-specialists – an overview of a relevant area suitable for a reader with an electrical/electronics background.
  • Tutorial Paper – a paper that explains an important subject or clarifies the approach to an area of design or investigation.
  • Technical Note – a technical note or letter to the Editors that is not sufficiently developed or extensive in scope to constitute a full paper.
  • Discussion – a contribution to discuss a published paper to which the original author's response will be sought.

From time to time, invitations are presented to particular authors to write papers for the AJEEE. This most usually occurs when it is decided to collect a number of papers relating to one subject for a given issue, often with a guest editor.

Papers should be limited to 10 double-column pages, with no more than 12 figures and tables in total. Papers exceeding these limits will be rejected.

The Editor of this journal is Prof Daryoush Habibi. The Associate Editor panel consists of Dr Iftekhar Ahmad, Dr Germane Athanasius, Prof Robin Braun, Dr Herbert Iu, Prof Akhtar Kalam, Dr Dylan Lu, Dr Steve Ling, Prof Zhihong Man, Dr Chris Manzie, A/Prof Mohammad Masoum and Prof Sven Nordholm.

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