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The Australasian Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE) has had something of a
hiatus in recent years, and this is the first issue of our revived online format. This
issue showcases the best papers from our annual conference held in Auckland in
December last year. The conference was a great success, bringing together
engineering educators from Australia, New Zealand and all around the world.

As part of the peer review process for the conference, the reviewers were asked to
nominate any papers they consider candidates for the conference’s Best Paper Award.
These candidates were then subjected to a further review process and invited to be
submitted for publication here in the AJEE.

This issue comprises the five candidate papers, including the winner of the Best Paper
Award, Sheryl Sorby’s paper “Developing 3D spatial skills for engineering students”.
The papers address a range of issues, considering the educational needs of engineers
before, during and after their time at university. The papers each make a valuable
contribution that addresses an important need in the engineering education field.

The AJEE will now be published in two issues each year. The first issue will comprise
the best papers from the annual AAEE conference, which are then subjected to an
additional peer review process to ensure that they meet our journal’s standards. This
issue will be published early in the year.

The second issue each year will take contributions from all aspects of engineering
education, both research and practice. We will be capitalising on the online nature of
the journal, allowing us to publish papers as soon as they have completed the (DESTcompliant)
review process, rather than delaying them for a synchronous release. We
are now looking for contributions for our second issue for 2007.

The journal is run using the Engineers Australia Technical Journals Editorial Manager
online paper submission and tracking system. Submissions can be made via the
website at http://www.editorialmanager.com/eatj. We welcome manuscripts,
volunteers to be reviewers, suggestions for special issues, and any and all suggestions
on how to make our journal better serve the engineering education community are
welcome. You can reach the editors via email at journal@aaee.com.au.

Euan Lindsay
AJEE Associate Editor